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Precision Grout

SikaGrout 328


Non-shrink, cementitious precision grout powered by ViscoCrete technology. This grout provides extended working time and exceptional physical performance at fluid consistency. SikaGrout 328 is non metallic and contains no chlorides. A structural, precision grout, SikaGrout 328 can be placed from fluid to dry pack over a temperature range of 40°-95°F. SikaGrout 328 meets the ASTM-C 1107 (Grade B & C) and Corps of Engineers Specification CRD-C621.
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Quick Overview

  • Multiple fluidity with one material.

  • Reaches 10,000 psi in dry pack consistency.

  • Outstanding performance in fluid state.

  • Extended working time.

  • Excellent fluidity - sufficient time for placement.

  • Contains premium quality quartz aggregate.

  • Hardens free of segregation.

  • Non-metallic, will not stain or rust.

  • Meets CRD C-621 & ASTM C-1107 (Grade C).

  • Shows positive expansion.

  • SikaGrout 328 is USDA-approved.
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  • Where exceptional one day and ultimate compressive strengths are required.
  • Applications requiring a pumpable grout.
  • Non-shrink grouting of machinery and equipment, base plates sole plates, precast panels, beams, columns and curtainwalls.
  • Applications where a non-shrink grout is needed for maximum effective bearing area to transfer optimum load.
  • For grouting rebar, bolts, dowels and pins, etc.
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